sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2016

English Homeschooling in Mexico

One would think that English or bilingual Homeschool education in Mexico is for expats only, well, not necessarily. There are mexicans, like us, that are very interested in educating our kids in a bilingual environment which, private schools cannot comply.

I think that we should Homeschool our kids regardless they are going or not to school. We need to complete their education with meaninful information, school, is, to acquire social skills, not really for academic learning. That will happen at home and based on their interests, and is an activity that will take their whole lives.

Just like this expat page says:

"The Mexican education system has had its share of struggles. The dropout rate in public schools in Mexico is high, as many children need to work in order for their families to survive. Rural schools are underfunded and have a shortage of buildings, teachers and textbooks. Urban public schools are better, but the standard of education is still relatively low. Private schools, however, have a high standard of bilingual education that is usually well-suited to expat children.
The education system in Mexico is segregated by social class. Wealthy families send their children to private schools (colegio), where the standard is high and there is no shortage of good teachers and textbooks, while poor families send their children to public schools (escuela).
In Mexico, basic education is normally divided into three levels: primary school (primaria), grades one to six; junior high school (secundaria), grades seven to nine; and high school (preparatoria), grades 10 to 12.
Many expats homeschool their children, or send them to a Mexican school for half the day and homeschool them in the afternoons. Immersion in a Mexican school for half the day can help expat children learn Spanish and assimilate better into Mexican culture.


International schools in Mexico

An international school is often the best choice for expat children. Attending an international school will ensure that children receive a world-class education and can attend university in their home country or anywhere else in the world.
Most international schools in Mexico are located in large cities, such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. English and American, as well as German, French and Japanese, schools are available in Mexico. Tuition varies greatly from affordable to exorbitant for the most elite schools. "

Having said that, expat or Mexican, a bilingual, trilingual education is a must, at home and in school. So speaking several languages at home, will prepare our kids for real life situations, giving them the proper tools that may help them to achieve their goals.